Feliz CumpleaƱos, etc.

by Katie on January 29, 2012

It’s my party and I’ll wear a hat if I want to.

This post will be brief, but we just wanted to first of all thank you for praying for us! The second half of this week was better…our energy levels are higher, Molly is doing better with adjusting, and we are getting the hang of things a bit more.

If we thought we loved Luisa on the day we got her, we sure do love her so much more now. She is really amazing. She is hilarious – she loves to ham it up for the camera and her facial expressions have had us laughing harder than we’ve laughed in months.

We’ve also seen that she has a very fierce stubborn streak – and tonight we got to enjoy her first temper tantrum. :) (It was because we wouldn’t let her eat unlimited amounts of passion fruit.) She is making awesome progress with her walking, though – we can tell she really wants to learn and is more and more motivated. This is exciting!

Here are a few more pictures and a fun video at the bottom!

Luisa’s Birthday Party

Scenes From Around Town

At The Hotel

Here’s a little video featuring a walk around our neighborhood, Shaun making Luisa laugh, and some sizzling salsa street dancing. :) Enjoy!

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