Calling All Pray-ers!

by Katie on February 14, 2012

The view outside our hotel room window

OK, tonight we got a little update from our agency rep here regarding our case.  She called after dinner and said that there was no specific news for us, but that our court had just this week fired its secretary and hired a new one, because the old one was “slow and disorganized”.  And she said that this is why there has been no news about our case.  Sigh… :)

So, she said our lawyer was going to find out a specific update about our case by the end of the week and let us know the current status of things.  There is a possibility that this process could still take weeks, especially if there is a backlog due to an inefficient secretary, but there is also every possibility that the judge could decide to expedite our case, if s/he so desires.  Please pray for our judge to decide to make it quick!!!

Thanks, all!  We love you!

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