Our day at “the zoo”

by Shaun on February 17, 2012

So yesterday we had our first “big” outing. We rode with two other families 45 minutes out of town to Parque Jaime Duque. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect (mainly because the website is in Spanish), but I don’t think we could’ve been prepared for it anyways.

We had a great time aside from Katie getting a little carsick on the ride there. Have a look at the craziness that ensued below.

The monkeys are kept on islands instead of in cages. Genius!

A shaky bridge we walked on between monkey islands.

This guy was getting pretty friendly.

This guy was very freaked out.

The whole park just butted right up to the mountain.

Molly, riding a swan-train.

Approaching the giant (naked) Statue of Liberty man.

Molly risked her life for this photo opportunity.

Us in front of the Taj Mahal.

The Taj, again.

Inside the Taj. (it’s not the real one)

We climbed through this dinosaur’s belly.

Oh, just a leopard eating a leg of lamb or horse or something.

A giant tree.

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