Halfway home?

by Katie on February 22, 2012

Or hopefully more than halfway…we will have to wait and see!

But we finally received some good news today regarding our case: the judge has passed us through our first round of approvals! FINALLY!!! HOORAY!!! We are so thankful! It only took 5 days longer than it was supposed to. :)

Now our case goes to another Defender of Minors for a second approval, and then back to the judge for final approval. Best of all, our lawyer says that she expects our case will be finalized sometime next week. It’s just an educated guess, of course – not a definite – but still! We are hopeful and thankful.

There is other news, too – although it’s not such great news, at least as far as we’re concerned. We have decided that Shaun and Molly will return home to Austin this Sunday, Feb 26, and Katie will stay behind with Luisa to complete the adoption. Shaun’s five weeks of vacation will be over as of this week, and so he needs to get back to work on Monday. And Molly will be very happy to get back to her routines, her friends, her school, and some semblance of normalcy.

This has not been an easy decision – it will be very hard to be separated without knowing what the end date will be, and there is a sadness that we won’t be able to complete this long journey together. But we know it’s for the best, and now that there is some forward progress with our case, we are hopeful that it won’t be more than a week to 10 days before Katie and Luisa can come home, too.

Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement! We are choosing to trust God, and believing that He is good and that He will complete the work He has begun here.

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