An Update and Our Visit to Old Town

by Katie on February 28, 2012

Last Thursday, we spent the day finally seeing a bit of the city where we have been living for the past five weeks. Bogotá has a population of over eight million people, and we didn’t realize how little we’d seen of it until we got to visit other parts. The picture above is of the city cathedral down in old town, a neighborhood known as La Candelaria. It is the original, oldest part of Bogotá.

A quick update: Shaun and Molly flew back home to Austin on Sunday. Shaun’s vacation time was up, so he needed to get back to work. We had hoped the whole process would be complete before he had to leave so that we could all leave together, but obviously that wasn’t meant to be.

Our agency rep tells me that she expects our case to be finalized this coming Monday, March 5. Once the case is final, there are a few more things to do: getting Luisa’s passport, visa, medical clearance, etc. That could take anywhere from four to eight days, so we could be home at the end of next week, but it might not be until the beginning of the following week. Our wedding anniversary is on March 11, so we’re hoping to make it home by then!

Here are a few more pictures from our day in La Candelaria:

This is a government building facing Bolivar Square, the heart of La Candelaria. Molly is chasing the pigeons.

Here’s Molly at the Botero Museum. Fernando Botero is Colombia’s most famous artist.

Looking down on a typical street scene in La Candelaria.

Armed military guards in the street.

The streets are very narrow and the neighborhood butts right up to the mountains.

Shaun is feeding the pigeons in Bolivar Square – they will eat right from your hand! That’s the cathedral again in the background.

Fancy a llama ride? At Bolivar Square, you’re in luck.

A painting from the Botero Museum. He is known for making his subjects “gordo”.

This pic is not from our day in town but we just had to include it! Someone here at the hotel gave Luisa a light-up bouncy ball and she was excited beyond belief!

Thanks for reading, friends! We continue to covet your prayers and encouragement while we endure this separation in order to bring our daughter home.

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