Coming out of the fog and finally coming home

by Shaun on March 12, 2012

Or that’s what it feels like, at least.

These last 2+ weeks apart have been the most difficult yet. And the last days the hardest of that. But the wait is finally almost over (for real this time).

Today Katie successfully filed for Luisa’s visa to come to the US. They have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to go back to the US Embassy to pick it up and we’ll be officially finished with all the requirements in Colombia. It’s been one of the hardest goals so far because we couldn’t book flights home until we knew we had a date for her visa. And now we finally do!

Katie and Luisa fly home on Wednesday!

I’ve waited so long to be able to say those words with confidence. It brings such relief even to see them typed out here! We’re so happy and grateful. Both to the Lord, who surely has carried us faithfully through, and to all of our friends and family who’ve supported us so well and so generously with their finances and their prayers. We’re forever indebted to all of you. Without you this truly would not have been possible and our family would be incomplete.

I hope that soon we can have a ginormous party and celebrate with all of you, but for now you have our deepest thanks and love.

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